Seiko Spring Drive Caliber 5r64, 5r65 Time And Date Setting Method

Seiko has improved the four key areas of luxury watch manufacturing technology, Spring Drive has achieved its subtlety, accuracy, reliability and durability. Here we introduce the SNS001J1 SNS003J1 SNS005J1 SNR001J1 SNR003J1 SNR005J1 time and date setting method corresponding to Seiko Spring Drive movement model 5R64 / 5R65.
 When setting the time and date, make sure the watch is moving: the mainspring is fully wound.
time setting
 1. Pull crown out to the first position (second hand continues)

 2. Turn the crown counterclockwise (at 6 o’clock) to set the date to the previous day.

 When the watch hands point to any time between 9:00 PM (afternoon) and 1:00 AM (morning), do not switch the date at this moment. Setting the date within this time zone will prevent the date from being correctly converted to the next day. To avoid this, first pull the crown to the second position, and turn it counterclockwise (at 6 o’clock) to temporarily move the hands forward to any time after 1:00 AM. Then push the crown back to the first division.
 3. At the moment the second hand points to 12 o’clock (0 seconds), pull the crown out to the second position to stop the second hand. Turn the crown counterclockwise (at 6 o’clock) to move the time forward until the watch shows the correct date.

 4. While keeping the crown in the second position, slowly turn the crown counterclockwise (at 6 o’clock) to move the minute and hour hands forward to the correct time. At this time, the setting of morning and afternoon needs to be considered.

 The date is converted every 24 hours. When setting the time, make sure that the AM / PM setting is correct.
 5. Push the crown back to the normal position according to a time signal. The second hand starts moving immediately.

How to set the time more accurately
 1. Before setting the time, turn the mainspring until the energy storage indicator shows a full string state.
 2. When using a watch that has been stopped, wait for the second hand to move for about 3. seconds before pulling the crown out to the second compartment.
 3. Do not stop the second hand for 30 seconds or longer with the crown in the second position. If the crown is in the second position and the time and second hand stop for more than 30 seconds, push the crown back to its original position. Move the second hand for 30 seconds or more, and then start setting the time again.
 Date adjustment
 This watch displays the date from 1 to 31 after each month. Therefore, if a month is a month with less than 31 days, you need to manually adjust the date on the first day of the month.
 For example: To set the date in the morning of the first day of a month other than 31 days.
 1. The date displayed will be 31 instead of 1. Pull the crown out to the first slot.

 2. Turn the crown counterclockwise (at 6 o’clock) to set the date to 1.

 When the watch hands point to any time between 9:00 PM (afternoon) and 1:00 AM (morning), do not switch the date at this moment. Setting the date within this time zone will prevent the date from being correctly converted to the next day. To avoid this, first pull the crown to the second position and turn it counterclockwise (at 6 o’clock) to temporarily set the hands to any time outside this time zone. Then push the crown back to the first division to set the time.
 3. After the date is over, push the crown back to normal.

Girard-perregaux Girard-perregaux Celebrates Its 220th Anniversary

To celebrate the 220th anniversary of the brand, Girard-Perregaux, a Swiss luxury watch brand, held its 2011 global tour exhibition in Paris, Singapore, Shanghai and New York from Girard-Perregaux The timepieces and rare contemporary watch collections from the Parke Museum are all unveiled. This is the first time Girard-Perregaux has exhibited outside Switzerland.
A tour exhibition at the Singapore ArtScience Museum from September 16th to 18th, 2011, titled ‘Master of Time-Witness the Legend of 220 Watchmaking’.

Set amidst a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, this exhibition leads thousands of visitors to discover the rare timepieces, documents and watchmaking tools of Girard-Perregaux.
Visitors can also communicate with the curator of the museum and witness the outstanding professional skills of master watchmakers and chamfer masters at Girard-Perregaux.
This global tour will continue, and will soon land:
Shanghai – Sinan Mansion-From October 20 to 23, 2011
New York – Girard-Perregaux Girard-Perregaux-Madison Avenue-From November 18 to 23, 2011

Ten Classic Classic Watches Handed Down Edition

How to spend the most insurance on investing in watches? Whether it was ten years ago, today, or ten years later, the answer is always classic. Keep in mind the two main indicators of the classic version of the classic watch: top brands! Best-selling watch! They have experienced the discerning aesthetics of consumers for decades and hundreds of years. With their unparalleled quality and word-of-mouth reputation, they have kept scary sales figures. Owning them is equivalent to having a treasure passed down from generation to generation. (The watches are in no particular order)
RoRolex Daytona watch

Rolex Daytona
If you only want to buy a watch in your life, then you must buy a Rolex, because you may have thousands of reasons to dislike it, but none of the people I know have regretted it because they bought a Rolex. And. Almost every Rolex series is its flagship series, and behind each watch, there is a high-profile and simple source hidden. For men, Daytona will definitely be the best choice. The name of this watch is Daytona from the Florida Daytona International Racing Race sponsored by Rolex in the late 1950s. Title sponsor. This watch is specially designed for racers. It can help the wearer easily measure the lap time and average speed, but the appearance is completely elegant. The simple design is combined with the powerful functions, which is very classic and durable.
Patek Philippe Ref. 5119

Patek Philippe Ref. 5119
In the world of watches and clocks, there are always regular re-rankings of the ‘Big Three’ and ‘Top Ten’, and the change is nothing more than the last two or the last nine. As the emperor of the watch world, Patek Philippe has always been stable and recognized worldwide. The classic design of the flagship series Calatrava not only highlights the brand characteristics of Patek Philippe, but also explains the essence of the brand in a deeper way. Among them, Ref. 5119 is the most. Speaking of Ref. 5119, you have to mention Ref. 3919. The Calatrava Ref. 3919, which was launched in 1985, is by far the most popular model of the brand. It features the guilloché trim ‘Clous de Paris’ bezel, which has been Loaded into the history of watchmaking, it has become one of Patek Philippe’s most famous watches. The Ref.5119, born in 2006, has a slightly larger case size, which still emphasizes the traditional ultra-thin body and long-lasting design features, which has become a talkative talk for watch lovers when they meet.
Blancpain Classic Moon Phase Watch

Blancpain Classic Moon Phase Watch
Blancpain is not only a diligent pioneer of excellent timepieces, but also happy to inject romance and color into it. In 1983, in the studio in Le Brassus, the brand successfully created the world’s smallest automatic movement with the moon’s profit and loss, month, date and week display. Not only set off a new wave of mechanical watches at the time, this watch is still selling well. Really, the universe and stars are two eternal and mysterious phenomena in human history. And condensed it into a watch, please, how can you buy it? And you must know that the watch produced by Blancpain for more than 270 years, just like the full moon, always adheres to the round shape and small output, and no one has ever seen the non-mechanical watch they produce. From this watch, you As if seeing the watchful and holy gaze of Swiss watchmakers since 1735.
Chanel J12 watch

Chanel J12 watch
No one will question the elegance of Chanel, but after the unexpected release of the J12 series, we applaud Chanel’s efforts and mastery of professional watchmaking technology. The J12 series of black and white high-tech precision ceramic materials, chronographs, tourbillon watches, with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or rubies and other models, has become an international watchmaking technology model in the past few years. After the J12 tourbillon came out and received good reviews, Chanel chose to work with Swiss Audemars Piguet to launch the new J12 Calibre 3125 series of high-end three-hand automatic movements, which was recently unveiled. Open its mystery. Chanel makes us believe that everyone is elegant, and everyone must have their own proud capital. No matter how broad or humble our dream is, raising our forehead and moving forward will surely dig out our own best. Valuable life experience.
传 Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series

Vacheron Constantin Heritage Line
Where do you like Vacheron Constantin? Many people are not really clear, but we know that if you go to apply for a Swiss visa, the visa page you get will have a seal of the movement. Some people research it and find it is the movement of Vacheron Constantin watches. After all, when it comes to Switzerland, people can quickly think of three things: sabers, watches, chocolates. In such a country with watch manufacturing as a national treasure and hundreds of watch brands, Vacheron Constantin can be their representative to some extent, and it must have its irreplaceability. I also know a veteran in the watch industry who rides his bicycle to work for an hour a day, no matter in winter or summer, under such difficult natural conditions, he is still thinking about buying a Vacheron Constantin or Buy a Fox … Vacheron Constantin has a lot of famous series: Horizons, 1972 … But many people like the heritage series, especially bankers and financial industry players. The reason is probably because it is very concise in design and without any burden. It is very in line with the gentleness of successful and mature men.
Jaeger Le-Coultre Reverso

Jaeger Le-Coultre Reverso
It is said that the intimate relationship between Jaeger-LeCoultre and polo is a well-known secret. The brand’s flagship series, Reverso, is the crystallization of this close relationship. Say 1931 is a very important year in the history of the brand. Where is it important? It was Reverso that year. At that time, the dealers of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches met British officers who loved polo on the way to business trips. They hoped that Jaeger-LeCoultre could create a watch that could withstand the fierce collision on the polo field. Jacques-David LeCoultre began to develop the news immediately after the news, so the Latin ‘I flip’ Reverso watch was born. You only need to flick with your finger to easily flip the case inside the frame to protect the watch mirror. The reverse side can also be decorated with various patterns according to your own preferences. Art Deco style and sporty atmosphere serve both purposes. For men, it may not only be a timing tool, but also an object that can be played. Almost 80 years have passed, and although Jaeger-LeCoultre has produced countless outstanding models, Reverso still sells well all year round. I think, maybe it brings us some kind of spiritual hint: maybe the world is big, maybe we need to put away one side and show many sides from time to time; the length of life, we need the sense of security brought by anything.
OOmega Speedmaster

Omega Speedmaster
Although Omega’s constellation series has been worn by Cindy Crawford for 10 years, and has cultivated countless fans; even if the 007 series has made the hippocampus the focus of attention, you and I are most impressed by Omega from the moon Speedmaster series of watches. Because everyone is still talking about Omega’s Speedmaster professional moon watch, which is the only watch worn by pilots on the moon in human history. This honor is comparable to Zhai Zhigang’s spacewalk today … … In 1969, when U.S. President Kennedy’s dream that humans successfully landed on the moon came true, Omega also completed a marked history leap in its own brand: even at 100 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees below zero, or on the moon’s surface without The state of gravity can still make precise and reliable timing for astronauts. In addition, the Supermaster Professional series assisted astronauts to accurately calculate the launch time of the rocket in a communication paralyzed and dark environment, so that the spacecraft returned to Earth safely. Omega also won NASA’s highest honor, the Snoopy Award. I don’t know if you have a hero complex and desire to save in you and me, but if you want to live like a ‘Superman’, then the Speedmaster professional watch will definitely become your intimate partner.
Montblanc Timewalker Automatic Chronograph

Montblanc Timewalker Automatic Winding Chronograph
Who would have imagined that Montblanc, which started as a writing instrument, could make such a masterpiece? It is important to know that there are few successful cases of this kind of ‘playing while singing’. For example, you have succeeded in playing a ‘Little Swallow’, it takes five or ten years to let others know, oh! She can also be someone else, or you play the emperor three or five times, and then act as a traitor with all righteousness. Back to the topic, Montblanc started out as an advanced writing instrument. It has been marching into the field of high-end watches for ten years, and now it has achieved remarkable achievements. Not to mention that the brand’s first self-made movement this year was assembled in the single-button chronograph of the newly released star Nicholas Kays, and the ‘Timewalker’ watch series launched in 2003 alone conquered the brand’s fans countless. Its simple and smooth design, low-key, dynamic, and not exaggerated, in the same vein as Montblanc’s writing tools, it is a watch that can be worn no matter what fashion changes.
Car Cartier Santos 100 watch

Cartier Santos 100 watch
From 1904, Cartier created the world’s first wristwatch for Brazilian flight pioneer Albert Santos Dumont, eliminating the need for pilots to be able to pull out pocket watches while at work. From the day Santos series Watches have been selling around the world for a century, becoming Cartier’s most representative watch series. Its square case design and the frame with screw decoration are all prototyped with screw decoration of aircraft cabin rivets, becoming the brand’s most recognizable design details. In 2004, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Santos watch, Cartier released three new models: the Santos 100, Santos Demoiselle and Santos-Dumont series, writing the legend of the Santos series with a new look “advancing with the times”. history.
Bvlgari Diagono watch

Bvlgari Diagono Watch
If the easiest way to tell you what Diagono looks like, I would say go directly to the movie called ‘Iron Man’, and the watch he wears is the moon phase watch of Diagono, which has at least five seconds in the play The above time is fixed on this watch. The Diagono series is Bulgari’s sports series, and Mirren’s sculpture ‘Discobolos- Discus Thrower’ is its source of inspiration, suggesting that our sports are noble and we must enjoy the fun of competition. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the Diagono series. In the past 20 years, the brand has used titanium, gold, stainless steel, diamond, leather and other materials to create chronographs, complex mechanical functions and timepieces suitable for sea, land and air. Nautical watches are extremely recognizable and professional. The last sentence is that the Bulgari model inherits the brand’s classic design and expresses a restrained and powerful temperament with an open design, destined for its best-selling and reputation.