Why Is The Rolex Rainbow Circle So Expensive?

Rainbow Circle Daytona Ref. 116595 is probably the most ‘palace’ in production Rolex now! Jay Chou not only took pictures, but also gave a close-up show on his INS. You should know that Jay Chou is the spokesperson of the watch brand Tudor … The most exaggerated one belongs to Jean-Claude Biver. He has posted related content on Ins several times in a row, and he screams, ‘Can’t put it down.’ And who is Liver? He is the godfather of the Swiss watch industry and one of the most senior among the living. Previously worked for Audemars Piguet, then Omega’s International Marketing Director, former boss of Blancpain, the soul of the brand revival, CEO of LVMH Group’s watch department, responsible for Hublot Hublot, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer and Zenith Zenith Three brands. The current Rolex CEO is his younger brother … At present, the official official price of Rainbow Di in China is 864,200 yuan. But there is definitely no way to buy this price, and its market circulation is about 1.8 million yuan, and it may not be available. If you want to go to a specialty store to buy it at the public price, you must first buy 3 million watches to get VIP qualification ….. As far as I know, there is a second-tier male star in China who wants to buy Rainbow Di directly at the public price. I didn’t agree with it later … Why is Rolex’s rainbow circle so expensive? Similar rainbow circles of other brands are a lot cheaper. In addition to everyone’s well-known hype, in fact, Rolex’s rainbow circles are really different! According to the understanding of most of our table friends, the composition of the rainbow circle can be a gem arranged in a gradient. But in fact, because there are so many types of gems, the value difference between them is also huge. In the words of the ‘two stars’ of the watch and jewelry media, ‘So, any rainbow circle that does not talk about gemstones is a hooligan.’ According to Rolex’s official internal training materials, Rolex Rainbow Di uses 36 Natural colored sapphires and rubies totaling about 5.79 carats instead of tourmaline, topaz, garnet, olivine, tanzanite, tsavorite and various crystals, which are classified as semi-precious stones. In order to save costs, the rainbow circle and gem circle of many watch brands have no way to achieve all-natural sapphire + ruby, but use semi-precious stones instead. Even Rolex can’t do it by itself. In 2017, Rolex also launched Ref.116695, a yacht equipped with a gem circle, but it does not have a gradual transition effect, and it is commonly known as ‘sweet bean’. In contrast, Rainbow Di is undoubtedly more precious. In addition to the differences in color, in fact, the outer ring of the yacht Ref.116695 is not all expensive sapphires and rubies. The green part is 8 ordinary inexpensive garnets. Therefore, if you purchase the ‘Rainbow Circle’, you must remember to ask for the specific type of gemstone. It’s like though both cars start with the letter B, one is BYD and the other is Bentley Bentley. ‘The color of colored sapphires will be richer, deeper, and more saturated, and the color of colored semi-precious stones will give people a glamorous and frivolous feeling. For ordinary watch friends, their colors are not much different, but they are actually valuable. In terms of perspective, the two are very different, as far as eighteen thousand miles. ‘ — @ Two stars. In addition to the types of gemstones, natural or artificial, each size has its own knowledge, the water is deep. The principle of one point for one price and two points for one price is very applicable in the watch industry. Rolex’s rainbow circle premium is amazing, many watch friends say it is ‘hype.’ But everyone must understand the truth, ‘hype’ also needs ‘real stuff’. Fry gold and dollar, have you ever seen anyone fry Zimbabwean coins? The ‘banker’ behind is not stupid, and the ‘leek taking the plate’ is not so stupid. —END —