Swiss Radar Wuhan World Trade Plaza Flagship Store Reopened

The pioneering watch brand RADO of Swiss high-tech materials and design in the Swiss watch industry opened its first flagship store in Wuhan World Trade Plaza in 2014 today. Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Radar China, and Miss Liu Ruoying, the global brand spokesperson, attended the opening ceremony.

 RADO Swiss Radar Wuhan World Trade Plaza flagship store reopening ceremony

 As the year of the horse approaches, Swiss radar first takes the lead in opening ceremony with the theme of ‘writing the sound of the new year and opening the door of time’, opening a new chapter for the new year. The opening of the new flagship store brings the brand’s latest “Lovi • Comfort” concept and the benchmark in the field of high-tech ceramics HyperChrome series watches to Wuhan, sharing personality fashion and enjoying life with all consumers in Wuhan New trend.

 Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Rado China, and Miss Liu Ruoying, the global brand spokesperson, recommend the new HyperChrome automatic chronograph watch

 At the opening ceremony, Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of RADO China, expressed the brand’s special feelings for the city of Wuhan, and also placed high hopes on the brand’s development in 2014. ‘The origin of Swiss Rado and Wuhan can be traced back to 1995. Swiss Rado opened a store in Wuhan and soon cooperated with Wushang Group. Today, 19 years later, Swiss Rado joined hands with Wushang Group again. Co-created the first flagship store in Wuhan, giving Swiss Rado the opportunity to present the most innovative and high-tech ceramic watches to watch enthusiasts in Wuhan, and to share their ‘Luohuo • Zi’ ‘attitude towards life To Wuhan’s fashionable and unique consumers. In 2014, Swiss radar will continue to innovate and continue to cultivate in the Central China market, bringing more amazing works to consumers. Facing the future, Switzerland Radar will continue to advance and forge ahead, continually consolidating and deepening its leading position in the Chinese watch market! ‘

 Swiss Rado global brand spokesperson Ms. Liu Ruoying wears HyperChrome Diamonds

 As the guest of the opening ceremony, Ms. Liu Ruoying, RADO’s global brand spokesperson, was astonishingly bright. At the event, Ms. Liu Ruoying reviewed all the Swiss Radar events she attended in the past year and praised the HyperChrome series. “Looking back at 2013, I went to many cities with Swiss Rado, and I was pleased to witness the enthusiasm and love of Swiss Rado for countless watch enthusiasts. The first stop came to Wuhan. It also brought the HyperChrome series of high-tech ceramic automatic chronograph watches. White high-tech ceramics with golden scales are full of festive atmosphere. They are light and comfortable to wear. They are perfect for New Year gifts. Choice. ‘

 Miss Liu Ruoying, the global spokesperson for Rado watches, signs the new store

 The flagship store of Wuhan World Trade Plaza is located on the first floor of the landmark World Trade Plaza in Wuhan. The entire store continues the RADO Swiss radar watch’s consistent design style, while concise and modern design, bold application of high-tech materials, highlighting RADO Swiss radar watch Brand DNA: the constant pursuit of technological innovation and breakthrough attempts on material applications. In addition, comfortable shopping environment, professional sales and after-sales service have also become the winning factors for this flagship store to attract watch enthusiasts in Wuhan. There is no doubt that its opening will inject new vitality into the Wuhan watch market.

Ten World Time Zone Watches For Trapeze

It is more than a century ago to divide the world into several time zones to solve the problem of time differences in different regions. Therefore, all kinds of world time watches are no longer a new proposition of watch altar. In order to solve the synchronous and accurate display of time in different time zones around the world, major brands have invested a lot of effort and are constantly making progress. Since last year, the new world watches of each house have shown a ‘blowout’ explosion, and at this year’s Basel watch exhibition, we see that this trend continues. Accompanying the appearance of Aqua Terra GMT this year is another new member of the Omega coaxial movement family-the coaxial 8605/8615 movement, which is the first movement in the coaxial series with GMT functionality. In addition to the central hour, minute, and second hands, it also has a GMT hand that runs one week every 24 hours, thereby achieving the two-place hour function. The dial features the iconic ‘Teak Concept’ design of the Aqua Terra watch, and its vertical texture is reminiscent of the teak deck on a luxury yacht. The matte and polished 18K gold hour markers, 18K white gold or red gold arched hands are covered with a white luminous coating, and the time indication is clear and concise. This year, Hublot’s UNICO chronograph movement ushered in its first evolution-a world-time functional movement independently developed by Hublot. The core of its technology is to indicate the time in different time zones through a set of 4 rotatable aluminum disks, which are controlled by buttons at 2 o’clock. Although it is different from other benchmark cities that usually set 24 time zones, the watch only sets 12 different cities. At the push of a button, the aluminum pan rotates to display the local time in these 12 different cities simultaneously. The ceramic and multi-material rose gold ceramic models present a wonderful mechanical beauty. The 72-hour power reserve makes it a new favorite of travelers. To celebrate the official launch of Bentley’s new Continental GT V8 sports car, Breitling has drawn inspiration from the thrilling and thrilling speed, and specially launched this new car full of racing dynamics and passion. The watch is equipped with a high-performance self-winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss official astronomical observatory. Unique multi-country time zone display system, indicated by a red hollow triangle 24-hour hand; independent buttons on the left side of the case adjust and display the time in the second time zone; a rotating bezel engraved with 24 city names makes the world time clear and enjoyable Universe always controls the noble luxury on the wrist. The Bentao series was launched in 2006 when it was eccentric, and won the highest award of the Red Dot Design Award in 2007. As one of the two new masterpieces of the series, the new Pontos Décentrique GMT adopts the typical layout of the Bento series. Its dial is focused off-center, with a unique architectural design attributed by the sun print decoration. It is bold and avant-garde, yet simple and thin. Sometimes the main time zone dial of the minute and second hands is at 10 o’clock; at 4 o’clock the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is displayed by the luminous coated hour and minute hands and the modern day / night dial. The time display can be changed based on time zone changes, which greatly facilitates travel across time zones. Ten years ago, the Grand Seiko series launched the first GMT self-winding mechanical watch, which immediately became an iconic classic watch. This year, Seiko launched two new limited edition GMT watches to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first GMT. The watch features a unique blue dial, a titanium rotor and gold GMT hands. Due to the more flexible titanium rotor, it is not easy to deform when the watch is dropped or damaged. Its shock absorption performance is 10 times that of the currently used copper rotor, thus reducing the risk of damage to the movement or bearings. . At the same time, it also has high corrosion resistance, which can ensure the durability and aesthetics of the finished product. Ref.5857 is the newest member of the Marine series, and it is also an unprecedented two-time style in this series. It is presented in stainless steel or 18K rose gold. The 42 mm case, welded lugs, rubber strap, and crown guards exude the fortitude and toughness unique to military watches. For those who travel frequently around the world, the second time zone, controlled by two central hands, is the most valuable feature of the watch. The eccentric hour scale circle at 6 o’clock is the local time zone, and the small date window below it is more practical. The hour scale is also distinguished in different styles; Roman numerals represent the local time zone, and Arabic numerals indicate the second time zone.
Movement: automatic winding movement
Appearance: 18K rose gold with black rhodium plate
Function: 72-hour power reserve
     The Patravi TravelTec watch has been around since 2006. Since its birth, it has been able to present three different time zones on the dial simultaneously. FourX was unveiled in 2009, representing four watches made of palladium, titanium, ceramic and rubber. This year’s new TravelTec FourX three-place time chronograph stopwatch uses rose gold instead of palladium. It retains the classic hollow dial, three-place time, chronograph function, and original red bottom carved date display At the same time, it further highlights the luxury of the watch. In terms of operation, it is as easy as ever.
Movement: CFB 1901.1 self-winding movement
Appearance: 18K rose gold, ceramic bezel, rubber strap
Function: 42 hours power reserve
     Independent watchmaker F.P. Journe this year offers a simple and efficient world time solution. The main time zone is the blue hour and minute hands, which share the eccentric dial with the rose gold 24-hour hands; the 7:30 digits at the bottom left of the dial creatively set time zones with different colors to clearly mark the time zones in various places. Just turn the time zone dial with the 4 o’clock button and align the selected second time zone with the 0 scale. The 24-hour hand can automatically indicate the time in that time zone. If the second time zone performs winter / summer time, you only need to set the time zone dial. Adjusted to + 1 / -1 scale, the 24-hour hand will still indicate the time in this time zone synchronously, the design is quite considerate and humane.
Movement: self-winding mechanical movement cast in 18K rose gold
Appearance: Platinum dial, Platinum case
Function: 120 hours +/— 12 hours
     It is true that the function of the two places is one of the selling points of Rolex’s newest member of the Oyster series this year, but it is far from all. SKY-DWELLER has 14 patents (including 5 new patents) and has many innovations. The central hour, minute, and second hands indicate the current time, while the second time zone time is indicated by the eccentric 24-hour dial directly below the dial, which can grasp the current time and day / night situation in the second time zone at a glance. The Saros system can correctly identify the big and small months, and only needs to adjust the date once a year at the end of February; the new Ring Command rotating outer ring can quickly adjust the local time, second time zone and Japan.
Movement: Rolex 9001 movement, automatic winding perpetual rotor
Appearance: Triangular pit pattern outer ring
Function: Independently adjust the second time zone of the hour hand for quick and easy two-way adjustment of the calendar
     Derived from independent brand Daniel Roth, although it has become its ‘Deniluff series’ since 2010 after being acquired by Bvlgari, when we see its unique appearance, we can still easily identify its origin. Creative and creative dual time zone design. The main time zone is displayed by a 12 o’clock jump window (see clearly, that is not a large calendar display window). The GMT hour hand rotates on the small 24-hour dial in the center of the dial, and the minute display is special ——The patented Papillon device, two 180 ° split-minute minute dials, and two diamond-shaped hands indicate the minutes in a ‘relay’ manner, which is very ingenious.
Movement: ROLDR1307 mechanical automatic winding movement
Appearance: leather strap with three-piece rose gold folding buckle
Function: Dual time zone, 45 hours power reserve