Rolex Launches Seven Oyster Perpetual Day-date Watches

As the Spring Fashion Week is in full swing, the latest models are constantly being released, and the seven new Oyster Perpetual Day-Date watches launched by Rolex are also full of spring. According to different surface designs, four themes are derived, which are divided into Ferrite, Lapis lazuli, Mother of Pearl Carousel, Mother of pearl Oxford and Bull’s eye. I don’t understand the dense and fine structure of the movement and the extremely fine technology, but only appreciate the meticulous workmanship. The diamonds on the surface are dazzling and moving, and there are magnificent mother-of-pearl and top gems, which are extremely gorgeous and fashionable! Among them, gold and silver are undoubtedly the easiest to match. Champagne gold exudes noble and elegant femininity, and the bright blue surface made of lapis lazuli is the most eye-catching. It is the most suitable for spring and summer clothes accessories.