A.Lange & Söhne Air Bus Concentrate

‘Details can make things perfect, but perfection is not trivial.’ Henry. Sir Henry Royce’s famous quote may be the norm for Lange product developers and aircraft engine designers. In fact, these two very different worlds are relentlessly pursuing improvements in technology, performance and precision operation. The connection between the two has led to Lange watches and the new generation of high-performance jet airbus A320 and A380. Special communication takes place in the Museum of MTU Aero Engines.
 At first glance the Airbus A380’s high-performance engine, the Lange watch owner may not think of the relationship between this propulsion device and the watch. This 6.4-ton engine, with a diameter of nearly three meters, can produce 300,000 Newtons of thrust. Its energy is 100,000 times higher than Lange’s most durable and reliable LANGE 31. The LANGE 31 is equipped with a dual barrel, which stores enough power to run the movement for up to 31 days.
 At a glance, the mechanical watch movement made by hand and the modern turbofan engine are very different in terms of size and performance data. However, there are many similarities between the two. For example, both are innovative masterpieces of modern engineering. Both also uphold long-standing traditional knowledge and set new standards in their respective fields. The Airbus engine is a symbol of the development of the entire aviation industry. Its history can be traced back to the first realization of the flying dream of the White Brothers more than 100 years ago. The Lange 31, which can run for a month, is the fruit of many generations of Saxon precision watchmaking technology derived from 1845. Behind technological developments, there are always people who are uneasy about the status quo. Lange keeps pace with the times and strives to improve efficiency, accuracy, reliability, performance and customer satisfaction.

 Superb performance in the cloud and on the wrist, LANGE 31 placed on the A380 Airbus GP7000 turbofan. LANGE 31 is the first mechanical watch with a one-month power reserve. Its constant-power escapement maintains a stable rate for up to 31 days.

 DOUBLE SPLIT and Airbus A320’s V2500 engine, this Lange dual chronograph chronograph is the first mechanical watch capable of measuring comparison time of up to 30 minutes.

 The LANGE ZEITWERK in front of the Airbus A320 engine, coupled with a patented constant-power escapement, brings a clear and precise word display like never before.