The Sweet Honey With ‘beijing Meets Seattle 2’

Time, let us meet the people we want to meet among the millions

 What new interpretation of the love story from East Eighth District to West Eighth District this year?

 On March 1, Blancpain’s film ‘Beijing Meets Seattle’s Love Letter’ was held in Beijing with a press conference. Blancpain’s best friend, the film’s leading actor Wu Xiubo, director Xue Xiaolu and the leading actress Tang Wei and other cast members attended the press conference.

 Blancpain’s best friend Wu Xiubo also spoke frankly about her life complex on the show: ‘When I needed to be quiet, I filmed’ Beijing Meets Seattle. ‘When I needed more vigorous vitality, facing the future journey At the time, I met ‘Beijing Meets Seattle’s Love Letter’. ‘It can’t help but look forward to his performance of’ vigorous vitality ‘in this play.
Blancpain’s Sweet Join
 Time allows us to meet the people we want to meet among millions of people. Love letters, so that the end of the world can be close at hand, listening to the whisper and heartbeat of your lover attentively!

 Director Xue Xiaolu commented that when she saw the movie clip, it was a touch of time. After three years, she has traveled through 6 countries, 8 cities, and 7 months of hard shooting, which also made her realize the importance of love for everyone.

 This love work that spans time and space has made Blancpain sponsorship and become the only watch support brand of ‘Beijing Meets Seattle’s Love Letter’.
Mysterious watch in the first teaser
 In the first teaser, a mysterious watch worn by Blancpain’s best friend Wu Xiubo will witness the sweet love between him and the heroine in the play.

 This watch is Blancpain’s famous Fifty Flyback chronograph 5085F.B, a very professional deep-sea diving watch, 300 meters waterproof, equipped with double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and Blancpain. Unique patented technical accessories developed for many years; multiple timing functions, equipped with a mysterious movement with exquisite design … more mysterious places, we will reveal them one by one later.

2016, Continue the Leading Edge
 Three years ago, ‘Beijing Meets Seattle’ told us a romantic and touching love story. The heroine once said: ‘He may not take me to a yacht and eat French food. But he can run every morning A few streets, buy me my favorite soy milk fritters. ‘Love needs companionship, and companionship is the longest confession.

 And three years later, they continued to lead. In ‘Beijing Meets Seattle’s Love Letter’, how will he love her deeply? What kind of touching confession will be in the play?