Tennis Genius Olga Danilovich Joins The Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Family Of Friends

As young as 16 years old, Olga Danilovic has already battled the elite of the tennis world. TAG Heuer welcomes this talented young girl to visit La Chaux-de-Fonds to join the family of brand friends.

   Training, matches and other activities, Olga Danilovic’s schedule is all around tennis. As an avant-garde, the 16-year-old female athlete is a prominent representative of the new power of women’s tennis and has won in important international competitions.

   TAG Heuer is pleased to invite her to visit the watchmaking factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, to show her exclusive watchmaking skills to this new brand friend.

   ‘This is my first visit here and it’s great to be able to witness how they make their watches and see every detail. The watchmakers have impressed me and they are so efficient.’

   The young athlete was obsessed with the craftsmanship of the watchmaker and even picked up his loupe and tools to try it himself. This rigorous form of work is familiar to Olga Danilovic, who is engaged in tennis.

   With a height of 183cm and a powerful two-handed backhand, Olga Danilovic perfectly combines strength and precision. Olga Danilovic has these two essential qualities of tennis, while still insisting on daily training, and strive to further increase the upper limit.

   Currently, Olga Danilovic ranks sixth among international tennis federation young athletes. We can see her every tour and every game. Olga Danilović is determined to take his performance to the highest level.
   There is no doubt that the perseverance and determination of Olga Danilovic will help her gain a place among the best athletes in the world.

Wrist Track On The Wrist Tasting Frederique Constant Moon Phase Watch

Frederique Constant was officially founded by Dr. Peter Stas and his wife Aletta Stas in 1988, positioning it as ‘accessible luxury’, hoping that more people can enjoy high-quality Swiss watchmaking. Since entering the Chinese market in 2004, the brand has maintained steady growth and is gradually recognized and loved by more and more consumers. This time introduces a Frederique Constant ultra-thin moon phase watch, equipped with the brand’s own movement, simple design and glamorous. Official model: FC-705N4S6B

   There is a star in the endless universe. There is no need for an unmanned probe car, a telescope, or a picture transmitted by a television. As long as we look up, we can easily peer into it. This wonderful star is the moon. No matter where you are in the world, you can see the bright and bright moon guarding the earth.

   With a case diameter of 42 mm, this slim watch fits your wrist comfortably. With the navy blue as the background color of the dial, it forms a strong contrast with the silver nickel-chrome hands, and at the same time it is harmoniously fused, resulting in a unique style. The noble and elegant design of the watch will surely become the darling of your wrist.

   The date and moon phases are displayed at 6 o’clock on the dial. Frederique Constant used a new technology laser ablation to create a surface pattern that makes the moon phases more vivid and detailed, jumping on the dial to show the striking outline.

   Every complicated function on the watch can be adjusted by twisting the winding crown. Pull out the crown to three positions to adjust different functions: position 0 is used for winding; right-hand position 1 can adjust the date, left-hand can adjust the moon phase function; finally, the hour and minute hands can be adjusted through position 2. Simple and convenient, the best key to the outstanding performance of the ultra-thin moon phase own movement watch.

   The bracelet uses subtle craftsmanship to create a smooth and smooth feel. The bracelet with good flexibility perfectly fits the curve of the wearer’s wrist, and the uneven stainless steel bracelet is more prominent under the thin case.

   The stainless steel bracelet with triple folding safety clasp can be opened by pressing. Frederique Constant lettering accents the buckle.

   The watch is equipped with a sapphire glass surface and case back, which sees the movement of its own movement. The movement is engraved with fine grains of Geneva ripples and Perlage, set with 26 gems, and has a 42-hour power reserve.

Summary: Frederique Constant’s ultra-thin moon phase own movement watch combines elegant and evergreen design elements, just like the existence of the moon, exuding an elegant light and blooming a simple beauty. For centuries, you won’t notice its disappearance. The watch is equipped with a unique movement independently developed and produced by FC-705. It is contained in a beautiful wooden gift box and is worth owning. Watch model: FC-705N4S6B, reference price: 29,000 yuan (watch home picture / text source)

Nuit De La Glisse’ 2015 New Film: New Film Leading The Extreme Sports ‘don’ T Crack Under Pressure ‘

TAG Heuer, a pioneering avant-garde precision watchmaking brand in Switzerland since 1860. This unique, easy-to-understand motto # Dontcrackunderpressure # (Don’t be afraid of challenge, achieve self) has been a slogan closely linked to the brand for decades and has become part of its long history. It is not only a slogan, it is also a state of mind!

   Relying on intelligent innovation, keen insight and superb skills to continuously push the limits, respect the basic values, fear no challenge, and move forward-this is the brand philosophy that has been spurring and guiding the development of TAG Heuer since the brand was founded more than 150 years ago Will continue to push this Swiss watchmaker beyond the tradition of watchmaking, creating extraordinary watches for those who love to subvert the tradition.

   The same philosophy naturally became the main theme of Nuit de la Glisse’s 2015 new film. Don’t Crack Under Pressure, this title says it all.
   With the common expectation of everyone to share, with the return of the new grand system produced by Thierry Donard, TAG Heuer continues to increase its participation in winter sports, supports emerging sports and helps develop more traditional sports, At the same time maintaining its development strategy of more than 30 years: pay tribute to those who like to subvert traditions, uphold the same philosophy and the same values ​​as the brand, pursue excellence, love challenges and maverick, and elegant style and attitude.

   Sharing values ​​is more evident in the new TAG Heuer Aquaracer luxury sports watch. The film ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ has become a wonderful platform for expression and dialogue. In sports such as skiing, surfing, winged flying, fast riding, and rowing in the water, passionate and outstanding athletes, extreme sports elites, upholding responsibility and environmental awareness, bring wonderful performance. In all corners of the world, this film has become a benchmark for elite players who are accustomed to constantly challenge their limits in the extreme environment that requires control of space and time. TAG Heuer, the master of timing.