Golden Blancpain Qiankun Carrousel Watch

Blancpain Russell Watch
Movement: Carrousel 225 automatic winding movement
Case: White gold case with ‘BL A N CPAIN’ engraved on the right side, crown with embossed Blancpain logo
Dial: The main dial is ‘Chinese Tai Chi’, 12 o’clock floating carrousel mechanism, 6 o’clock power reserve display, 9 o’clock date indication, transparent bottom case, gold pendulum engraved with the Palace Museum pattern, and around the pendulum Decorated with Chinese glazed tiles and engraved with ‘1735’, ‘Qianlong’, and ‘BLANCPAIN’
Strap: Black alligator leather strap with PT950 platinum folding clasp
Case diameter: 43.5 mm
Power reserve: 100 hours
     Among the Qian Kun Kun Russell watches manufactured by Blancpain last year, the Forbidden City of Beijing has become a source of inspiration for its design and creativity. This house, symbolizing the highest achievement of Chinese royal architecture, is engraved on the gold pendulum at the bottom of the table. The golden splendor reflects the glory and vicissitudes of history; the edge is decorated with glazed tiles imitating traditional Chinese architecture, the mystery in classical culture The charm is full. The ‘1735’ engraved on the pendulum is not only the year when Blancpain was registered as the world’s first watch brand, but also the time when Qianlong entered the room and became the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Mysterious figures cleverly connect two legendary events in different time and space, but make it a wonderful and compatible element in the watch.

Women’s Watch Selection Amy Long Héritier New Watch Appreciation

2016 Amyron launched the new Héritier series of new ladies’ watches, demonstrating a rustic classic dress watch. This new timepiece is simple, elegant and capable. It can be used in workplaces, dinners and even dinner parties. A classic look on a woman’s wrist.

    Amy Long’s domestic reputation is not as well-known as Tissot, Mido and other brands, but it is a stylish and superior quality brand.

Summary: This watch is simple in style, has a date display function, and has strong practicality. The leather strap is comfortable to wear, and the Roman numeral scale is classic and elegant.
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Time Knight: Iwc’s Best Friend Chen Bailin

Among the many feelings conveyed by Chen Bailin,
There is no easy way around.
This is fearless after years of grinding,
Calmness in driving time.

   At the end of 2017, Chen Bailin ended his trip to Iceland and wrote a rest for the work of the past 5 months in the afterglow of the Nordic sunset. This year, Chen Bailin had many keywords. Regardless of the expressive expression on the screen or the constant steps in life, he is always the one who insists on his original intention. ‘Life is used for living, not for explanation.’ According to his motto, Chen Bailin did live out of tone, full of chic.

Chen Bailin wore a special edition of the IWC Express Vinci chronograph ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation’ (model: IW393402)

   Taking a closer look at his life essay, ‘time’ is used as a node to render the right ritual sense for the day. In January 2017, at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, 34-year-old Chen Bailin happened to encounter a limited edition IWC IWC express Vinci chronograph watch numbered 0034 and presented it to himself as a lucky totem. People live by their hearts, and the taste of life becomes more intense. Those paths have made the journey of decoding the beauty of time.
   Chen Bailin’s role is warm and warm. The release of temperament in the reality show will undoubtedly allow the audience to see his other side: alone, with a dog as a companion, alone through the Namibian desert and the Amazon jungle; during the voyage of Australia, he shouted ‘forward to the great channel’ . The journey of adventure was fearless, and when he returned, he was still full of spirits. Chen Bolin exuded the courage and persistence of the Portuguese sailing pioneer. This is in line with the spirit conveyed by IWC: fearlessness and distance, life is extraordinary.

Chen Bailin wears IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch (Model: IW503302)

   Back in the bank, Chen Bailin continued to break through the boundaries of the profession with different roles. Whether it is a youth film, a romance film, a literary film or a comedy film and a suspense film that have been involved in recent years, this virgo boy who describes himself as ‘like to step by step’ has created a more heart-bound adventure with him and on the screen. more surprise.
   There is no fear of breakthrough or glory. Chen Bailin used enthusiasm and wisdom to measure the world, to ride the time as a knight, to endless distance to the distance.