Remake The Classic Hermès In The Pocket Pocket Watch

In 2012, La Montre Hermes watch factory copied a symbolic watch-In The Pocket. In 1912, Jacqueline Hermes wore the first Hermes-made watch in history.

    The name reflects the design inspiration from pocket watches to watches. The pocket watch inside the leather case re-enacts the art of time and highlights the brand’s premium leather craftsmanship. In The Pocket is a tribute to the original wristwatch given to his daughter 100 years ago by his father. He draws inspiration from the heritage, inherits the past and the present, and then attaches a hand-stitched leather belt by Hermes craftsmen. .

   Hermes exclusive H1837 automatic movement, can provide 50 hours power reserve. The shape of the In The Pocket is round and round. The case is made of rare palladium with a diameter of 40mm, while the diameter worn in the form of a watch extends to 49mm. The silver texture on the dial shows the time clearly. The leather bracelet of this watch has a long manufacturing process. Boucleteau (the longer perforated part of the strap is connected to the 6:00 position) and sanglon (the shorter buckle of the strap is connected to the 12:00 position) must be full Sewing by hand.

Pure And Beautiful Four Enamel Dial Recommendations

When it comes to enamel, I believe everyone is no stranger to it. Its characteristics of gentleness like jade, bright like jewelry, and fineness like porcelain have won the favor of many watch fans. On the dial, you can burn to pure colors, or you can make precise filigree enamel and paint various gorgeous patterns. Of course, the complicated manufacturing process, which is not easy to oxidize and fade, also makes the enamel appear more precious. Today, I will admire several watches made of enamel.
Breguet CLASSIQUE 5177 5177BA / 29 / 9V6

Watch Series: Classic
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K yellow gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Domestic public price: ¥ 178600
Watch details: Yuan: HK $ 830000
Watch details: GRANDE TRADITION Q50635SQ watch

Watch Series: Master Series
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Domestic public price: ¥ 895000
Watch details: lecoultre / 32848 /
Comment on the watch: After the solid enamel dial and the drawing enamel dial, let’s enjoy this enamel watch with a mix and match style launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2014. 42 mm diameter and 11.6 mm thickness. The case is made of white gold. The hollow dial fully displays the mechanical mechanism of the watch, and on the periphery of the dial is a circle of pure blue enamel band, and the time scale is printed on the pure blue enamel band. The twelve o’clock is the power reserve display, the three o’clock is the date display, the six o’clock is the month display, and the nine o’clock is the moon phase display window and the day display. The blue hands echo the blue enamel plate. It is equipped with a 876SQ movement and provides a power reserve of 192 hours. Provides a water-resistant depth of 50 meters.
Summary: Since the 18th century, the exquisite and complicated enamel technology has shown its charming charm in the small space of the dial. Today, the enamel technology is still widely used by major watch manufacturers. How much it loves. Whether it is a solid-colored enamel plate, painted enamel, or mix-and-match style, or filigree enamel, different people have different preferences and pursuits, and I hope today’s recommendation can make you find the one you like.