A Hundred Years Of Craft Tasting 2017 Sihh Athens Gold Enamel Gold Rooster Watch

In order to welcome the 2017 Chinese Lunar Year, Athens introduced the Golden Rooster Watch with Chinese New Year and Zodiac Filled with Enamel. The Athens watch has been using enamel technology for more than 25 years to make dials. It is also one of the few watchmaking brands specializing in this century-old technology. The master of craftsmanship gave the majestic rooster a new life and incorporated it into the watch. Let’s take a closer look at the enamel-filled golden rooster watch in Athens. The official model: 8152-111-2 / ROOSTER.
Watch real shot show:

Watch details real shot display:

   The watch uses an 18K rose gold case, which complements the ocher gold color of the dial. The overall tone and texture reveal a noble and elegant temperament. A watch with a diameter of 40 millimeters is medium in size and will increase the comfort of the wrist when worn on the wrist.

   The watch dial is the biggest highlight of the entire watch. The master of crafts in Athens first captured the natural power and beauty of the rooster according to the pattern and texture of the golden rooster, first carved the grooves on the metal dial with a chisel, and then reconciled the enamel glaze. Fill in the liquid, bake it through high temperature baking to set the color, and then polish and polish the dial. This is the last very delicate process. The sculptor will carve all the metal dividing lines on the dial to enhance the visual effect. Coupled with the anti-glare and wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass, it is finally able to present such a dazzling gold-plated golden chicken dial, showing the depth of the craft.

   The waterproof crown on the side of the watch is also one of the details of fine craftsmanship. The crown is inlaid with sparkling sapphires and is engraved with the Athens brand logo, showing extraordinary high-quality technology. With a black leather strap and rose gold pin buckle, it looks elegant.

   The watch is equipped with the Swiss official observatory-certified UN-815 movement, which has an automatic winding function and a power reserve of about 42 hours. Combining a very unique movement with superb enamel technology, we sincerely launch a limited edition of 88 gold-plated golden rooster watches. This elegant watch is a must-have for successful brave and confident people Loved and respected by collectors.
Watch House will continue to follow the latest developments of SIHH 2017 and update more, better and more comprehensive content simultaneously. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Exuding A Feminine Look Famulan Master Square Playa Watch

Franck Muller’s Master Square Playa series is elegant and beautiful, exuding a gentle feminine style. The design of the watch is elegant but dynamic.

 Franck Muller’s Master Square Playa watch is elegant and elegant, exuding a gentle feminine style, which is essential for this summer. The design of the watch is elegant and elegant without losing motion. This series of watches is very suitable for daily wear.

 The watch is equipped with a quartz movement and is available in stainless steel, 18K red gold or 18K white gold. The white matte dial is decorated with huge Roman embossed numerals to ensure clear reading. The dial scale in the center of the dial represents the minute scale, which is novel and interesting. The wristband has a rubber strap with a stainless steel, 18K red or 18K white gold folding clasp.

Model: 6002 M QZ or 6002 L QZ
Movement: Quartz
Function: hour and minute display
Dial: white matte dial, Roman numerals
Case: square, stainless steel or 18K red gold or 18K white gold
Case dimensions: 32.7mm x 40.7mm (6002 M QZ); 29.4mm x 36.5mm (6002 L QZ)
Strap: Rubber

Iwc Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch Evaluation

In 1985, the Da Vinci watch was first designed with a round case and a striking double-bezel bezel. From the present point of view, the classic design style of the 1980s is very in line with the current retro pop trend. So, in 2017, this classic style was reproduced.

 IWC’s designers reinterpret Da Vinci’s iconic round design and give it more modern colors, continuing the classic double-bezel bezel, round crown and button elements and simplifying them, such as changing the bezel Narrower and flatter to meet today’s aesthetics, men’s and women’s watches with different functions are introduced. In this case, the women’s wristwatch with a moon phase of 36 millimeters brings its new Da Vinci round soft lines to the extreme.

 Recently, the Watch House also got a Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch with a 36 mm case and three different materials and colors. The watch house got one of them (model: IW459307), made of stainless steel, silver-plated dial, inlaid with a ring of fine diamonds, and the many colors of the alligator leather strap of Santoni make this watch More feminine.

 The silver-plated dial is surrounded by 54 diamonds set on the bezel, and the stepped dial inner ring design makes the dial look more vivid and three-dimensional. The layout of the hour markers on the dial is striking. The old version of the Da Vinci watch did not have Arabic numerals, while the newer version uses embossing technology to make the golden hour markers clear and easy to read.
 The gold-blue moon phases at 12 o’clock show the finishing touch of this harmonious overall picture of the dial. Although the actual operating cycle of the moon is 29.53 days, the gear train designed with this classic moon phase profit and loss can be rounded to 29.5 days. The gear train automatically pushes the display disk forward one gear every day to correctly display the moon phase profit and loss. As needed, the wearer can update the display at ‘2 o’clock’ with the included pin.

 The semi-circular crown is beautiful and easy to use. There is a moon phase adjustment pin above the crown, which requires special tools to operate.

 Santoni crocodile leather strap, whether it is workmanship, texture, dyeing or wearing comfort is an undoubted enjoyment. This watch is equipped with a dark brown alligator leather strap, with a jumping orange in the strap to highlight the beauty of women, and a polished stainless steel folding buckle.

 The thickness of the case is 11.5 millimeters. It can be seen from the side that the two layers of the case are polished and matte to make the case more distinct.

 The unique design of the new Da Vinci series of lugs not only unique but also pays attention to practicality. The lugs can move on the fixed shaft of the raw ears, making the watch fit the wrist of the wearer more.

 The bottom of the table is engraved with the ‘Flower of Life’ pattern, which is also the iconic pattern of the new Da Vinci. It is a geometric shape with multiple overlapping rings. IWC uses this to define its new aesthetic definition of the Renaissance. Contributions. Equipped with a 35800 self-winding movement, equipped with a central seconds hand with a stop device and a moon phase display function, it provides a 42-hour power reserve.

 For this watch, we used a professional instrument to perform a six-direction accuracy test under full strings. At the same time, in order to give a reference to our watch friends, we also asked a woman in the editorial department (wrist circumference 14 cm) to wear this watch for shooting, and you can see the effect of the upper wrist.

Summary: The new Da Vinci Moon Phase Watch 36 is available in three styles: red gold-bronze alligator leather strap, stainless steel-dark blue alligator leather strap, and diamond-dark brown alligator leather strap . The 36 mm case size is a relatively large size for women’s watches, which is more in line with the trend of women’s neutral choice of watches, highlighting the strong side of women’s elite. This stainless steel diamond watch is priced at 106,000 RMB and is already available in China.

Watch With Gifts Father’s Day Twelve Constellation Dad Series-cancer

Cancer is the fourth constellation on the zodiac, representing deep sensibility, protection of color, and family outlook. Cancer is the first water sign, symbolizing the stage of human beings from maturity, stereotypes, family, to in-depth understanding of life through introspection.

 Cancer is the first constellation to begin in the summer. Summer brings the character of deep living, conservatism and sensitivity to people in this constellation. There is no doubt that Cancer is a person who needs self-protection. Perhaps they often seek protection unconsciously, which is why the Cancer people have a strong interest in retro and nostalgic objects. Therefore, in such a warm festival, it is the best choice to present a father’s watch with an elegant, retro and modern design.

Ever since the debut of the Sixties watch by Glashütte Original, Germany’s top watchmaker, it has been very popular. The full-featured shape design of the Sixties series and all the small details are so fashionable and eye-catching, as if in an instant, the exclusive flavor scenery of the 60s is completely reproduced in front of everyone. Today, Sixties is a new member of the prestigious vintage watch series, adding new glamorous colors to the Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date models. The two watches are presented in the morning and evening dark blue colored pink and pink.

 The German arched silver dial of the watch is electroplated in Glashütte’s own factory, and the watch is also decorated with sun-ray texture. In the minute circle, the Arabic numerals of the same style are used on the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock scales. The slightly curved white gold hour and minute hands with super luminous paint, and the elegant second hand slowly rotate to ensure that the time displayed by the watch is never different. The design of the watch is pure and simple, and even the hour scale on the dial is precisely manufactured by the factory. The stainless steel case of Sixties has a diameter of 39 mm, while the stainless steel case of Sixties Panorama Date has a diameter of 42 mm. It has the brand’s famous large calendar window. The blue background is set against white numbers and the dial color is matched. Both watches are fitted with a dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap that matches the 1960s, and the stainless steel pin buckle on the strap fastens the watch elegantly and easily.

 Cancer, which stands for protected color, is best described as ‘dark blue’. The low-key but highly protective dark blue represents tenderness, tranquility, deepness, passiveness, dreaminess, and innerness. It is precisely these symbolic meanings and Cancer like living in a dreamy fantasy, preferring a peaceful and quiet environment, gentle personality characteristics, passive needs The personality traits of security are consistent. I believe that on a special day such as Father’s Day, helping the father of Cancer to create a low-key but high-quality blue costume will make him feel his children’s love more deeply.

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Richard Mille Manchester City Wins Bloody Love-news Richard Mille

RICHARD MILLE congratulates Manchester City on winning the highest honor in today’s English football-Barclays Super Football League Championship. This is the second time in three years that the club has won the most honor. One of the strongest clubs. The game entered the stage of the game, Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini encouraged players to maintain a consistent style of attack, replay the League Cup victory that day, the key goals of Vincent Kompany and Samir Nasri allowed Manchester City to defeat Wesham by a large margin, the club can be described as firepower this season Mighty, the number of goals in all competitions has exceeded one hundred, and finally regained the Premier League title of the lost season with excellent performance.

Manchester City’s club wins, players are overjoyed to win the championship

In 2012, RICHARD MILLE officially became Manchester City’s official timing partner. In the same year, the club won its first Premier League title in 44 years, which is a symbolic and important year for the club. RICHARD MILLE and Manchester City Club’s aspirational goals are consistent-adhere to passion and belief, pursue excellence, continue to innovate and achieve their ideals. This spirit is reflected in the brand’s cooperation with other world-class sports geniuses, such as tennis king Rafael Nadal, Olympic gold medalist Yohan Blake, WRC world cross-country rally champion Sebastien Loeb, and so on.
The brand and the Manchester City Club are also committed to charity, working for local community groups in Manchester. RICHARD MILLE sells specially designed custom watches and donates the proceeds to the charity organization City in the Community. It was eventually purchased by Anonymous, and received the watch from Manchester City Club President Khaldoon Al Mubarak during the opening ceremony of the Richard Mille Abu Dhabi store in December last year. The proceeds will be used to fund Enterprise City, an enterprise technology project that supports primary school children. Thousands of young people in Manchester will be eligible for business and business in the next 18 months.

RICHARD MILLE becomes Manchester City’s official timing partner, full of passion and passion for football

Tom Glick, Chief Commercial and Operations Director of Manchester City Club: ‘The climax of the 2013/14 Premier League game has come to an end. Today, we have won the highest honor to put a perfect end to this season. We have been very lucky on the pitch and we are very grateful for RICHARD MILLE’s We strongly support it and look forward to another successful season next year. ‘
Peter Harrison, CEO of RICHARD MILLE EMEA: ‘It is a great pride to be a partner of the Manchester City Club and celebrate this historic moment together. The Manchester City Club strives for excellence and never compromises with the conventional spirit of innovation and our The brand philosophy is the same, and I hope that in the future there will be more cooperation to contribute to society while letting customers around the world feel our dreams and passions. ‘

The Most Practical Finishing Touch 7 Color Watches

This season we are focusing on colored watches. Whether it is a rubber strap or a crystal ceramic, even the most conservative leathers have adopted color as the design direction. A colored watch will definitely bring you a brisk jump.
1.Dior Christal watch
White gold case with white mother-of-pearl and diamond dial. The green gems on the strap are pyramid-shaped and automatic.
2.Omega Speedmaster 38mm Series Women’s Chronograph
米 Omega 3304 automatic movement, chronograph function and calendar function, purple PVD coated dial, purple alligator leather strap, bezel set with 54 diamonds.
3.Swarovski dresstime rose watch
Swiss precision movement, mother-of-pearl dial set with 11 rhinestones, pink crystal strap.
4.Chanel J12 MARINE diving watch
Polished high-tech ceramic and stainless steel case, milky white lacquered dial, screw-in crown with high-tech ceramic polished convex gemstones, and equipped with crown protection, 300 meters waterproof.
5. Roger Dubuis Easyper Women’s Diamond Watch
紫色 The purple part of the dial is decorated with Paris spikes, the outer part is made of white mother-of-pearl, the stainless steel case is set with 36 diamonds; the automatic movement is limited to 888 pieces.
6.Boucheron watch, wood grain dial
Same color alligator leather strap, precise Swiss movement, even time scale, 1 point calendar window.
7. Hublot Big Bang out of African watches
HUB2900 movement, black ceramic case, case diameter 38 mm, sandblasted matte decal dial, red rubber strap, black PVD steel buckle, limited to 500 pieces.

2017 Patek Philippe Will Hold A Large-scale Exhibition Of Watch Art In New York

Patek Philippe is pleased to announce that it will hold a large-scale exhibition of watch art in the Cipriani Building, 42nd Street, New York, from July 13 to July 23, 2017.

   The 10-day exhibition celebrates Patek Philippe’s tradition of precision watchmaking, traces the brand’s long history of 178 years, and showcases the brand’s heritage in fine watchmaking. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about this family-owned watchmaking company in Geneva.

   The project plans to create a two-story structure for the first time in the Cipriani Building, and arrange 10 special exhibition halls (including film broadcast rooms, cash series exhibition halls, museum rooms, American history exhibition halls, rare crafts rooms, and super complex exhibition halls) to create a unique environment to meet Demand for scale of this exhibition.

   Visitors will be able to get up close and personal with extraordinary pocket watches and watches from 1530 to this 13,218 square feet (1,227 square meters) of space. During the exhibition, watchmakers and artisans will conduct interactive demonstrations on the site to let visitors understand the inner workings of fine watchmaking. After the trip, visitors can rest and relax at the Patek Philippe Cafe. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Casio Edith’s Essence Watch Tour Nationwide Tour Shining Start

Casio Edith’s Essence Watch Tour nationwide tour starts gloriously. Casio’s men’s watch brand Edith with its innovative technology, Edith Fess, will be launched nationwide starting in November 2013. ‘Casio Edith Fine Watch Tour’ tour exhibition. The creative and dynamic tour car will be full of surprises and drive to your city. On November 16, the first station in Dalian began the journey.
 Casio Edith’s metal pointer men’s watch brand Edith Fiesta will launch a tour of the “Casio Edith’s Essence Watch Tour” nationwide starting in November 2013. The creative and dynamic tour car will be full of surprises and drive to your city. In the next 10 weeks, it will arrive in 10 cities including Dalian, Shenyang, Jinan, and Hangzhou in turn. The first station in Dalian starts on November 16.
 The tour site will not only bring exciting interactive programs around the clock, but also experience the ingenuity and longevity of Edith Faith! Show the brand has always upheld the ‘Speed ​​& Intelligence’ concept, allowing guests to experience the shock of Casio’s leading electronic technology 6 waves and solar power. You can challenge the exciting and exciting AR somatosensory interactive games, and a lot of gifts are waiting for you! At the same time, taking photos of the event, @ 卡西欧 EDIFICE Sina official Weibo, can also win a mysterious gift. Looking forward to meeting you!
Casio Edith not only provides every man’s elite with superior technology, dynamic design watch selection, in addition to experiencing the elite watch and challenging somatosensory games up close, there are multiple gifts.

From November 16th to November 17th, the first stop arrived at Dalian Mall.

 ‘Casio Edith’s Essence Watch Tour’ tour exhibition, a very creative and dynamic tour car, full of surprises, heading to your city.
The 2013 Basel model, newly equipped with SMART ACCESS, pursues basic functions that are easy to read and use. The built-in small bezel is equipped with a mode indication while expressing the mechanical feel. The central white light-saving pointer improves readability. The high-quality three-dimensional time scale in the large dial increases the overall legibility of the watch. The bezel is covered with a black particle coating, which adds a sense of quality and nobility. It is equipped with 6 rounds of radio waves and solar power advanced electronic technology, and is equipped with powerful waterproof and compass functions.

EQW-A1200DB-1A ¥ 4990
Main parameters: 100 meters waterproof, luminous, 1/20 stopwatch, 6 rounds of radio waves, solar energy, compass, world clock and other powerful functions.
The watch adopts a new three-disc multi-pointer design, which highlights the sense of fashion and sport. Equipped with 100M waterproof, stopwatch, date and other functions. The sapphire glass mirror enhances the durability of the watch, and the stainless steel strap can meet the needs of different occasions. Excellent technology, streamlined and extraordinary, is a classic simple watch indispensable for business people.

EFB-506D-1A ¥ 1990
Main parameters: 100 meters waterproof, luminous, 1/10 stopwatch and other practical functions.

Unique Watch For Charity Ball Lange Zeitwerk Series

Lange made a unique LANGE ZEITWERK watch for the Kidz Horizon Charity Ball held in Singapore this year. This white gold LANGE ZEITWERK with grey dial debuted in Asia for the first time.
 In August 2009, Duncan Wang, a Chinese-American businessman and watch collector, died at the age of 44. As Duncan was fascinated by watches and philanthropy, his parents and friends living in Singapore came up with the most appropriate way to remember him. A year later, the first Duncan watch was auctioned in Singapore to raise money for the children’s charity The Kidz Horizon Appeal. The organization, founded by Dr. Liu Meiling in 2004, raises medical expenses for children with chronic diseases such as cancer or AIDS, so that children whose families cannot afford the medical expenses can also get the treatment they need.
The unique LANGE ZEITWERK watch, made especially for this year’s Kidz Horizon charity ball.
 Both Dr. Liu and Duncan have always appreciated Lange watches, and one of Lange’s limited edition watches has naturally become the Duncan watch of the year. This year, a special LANGE ZEITWERK with a uniquely sculpted and grey dial will be auctioned at the Kidz Horizon Appeal Charity Ball held on August 27, 2011 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Ballroom in Singapore. When Lange Chief Executive Wilhelm Schmid was invited to donate a unique Lange watch for the Kidz Horizon charity auction, he and his colleagues were excited because they knew it was the most important thing to do: care about the society in which we live. , Especially the younger generation, is the root of the history and value of the Lange brand. The main goal of the Lange Watch Factory was to help young people in poor areas solve their unemployment problems.
 LANGE ZEITWERK is different from other watches in that it stands for absolute firmness. The watch’s logo is considered too large, and the dial shows the current time unambiguously. It just jumped lightly and jumped from this minute to the next in an instant. At the full hour, the three dials of the watch will jump forward at the same time. The constant power escapement system between the barrel and the balance wheel generates switching power, while ensuring that the power to the balance wheel remains stable throughout the power reserve period. This unique version of the design highlights the contrast between light and dark, with a white gold case lined with a gray dial and white numerals, a black alligator strap and a solid white gold folding buckle. The bottom of the watch is specially engraved with ‘1/1 SGP 2011’ to witness its uniqueness and its commemorative items.

LANGE ZEITWERK information
Model 140.049F
Caliber L043.1 calibre, hand-finished, in accordance with Lange’s most accurate standards, decorated and set by hand; five position fine-tuning; 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver; manual Engraved balance wheel splint; jumping minute display; constant power escapement
数目 Number of movement parts 388
Gemstone 66
黄金 Screw fixed gold sleeve 2
Escapement system Lever escapement system
Vibration-resistant Glucydur? Balance wheel * with eccentric weight; self-made super-quality balance spring with additional system to be patented (balanced spring), 18,000 semi-oscillations per hour, accurate beat adjustment system, side Square fixing screws and gooseneck springs
36Power reserve reaches 36 hours when fully refined
Function jump type hour and minute display, stop seconds function, small second hand, power reserve indicator
The crown of the operating part is set and timed.
Case diameter: 41.9 mm; thickness: 12.6 mm
Movement size diameter: 33.6 mm; thickness: 9.3 mm
Case platinum
Dial solid silver, grey
Time Bridge German Silver
Hand gold rhodium plated
Sapphire crystal on glass mirror and case back (hardness level 9)
Band Stitch Alligator Leather Strap, Black
Buckle Solid White Gold Lange Folding Buckle

Limited edition of 1 piece, specially engraved with ‘1/1 SGP 2011’

Rolex Cal. 1570 Classic Mechanical Movement

It is a high-quality movement with excellent design, superior performance, accurate travel time, and durability. It is definitely to be introduced to friends who love watches and must also be possessed during the collection of your watches.
Seeking ‘representation’, since ‘core’ is the most important
In order to meet the needs of emerging markets and business considerations, modern new watches mostly adopt the ‘mass production’ model, or a new research and development to use computer testing to simulate the 30-year service life, but after all, computer testing and actual There is a big difference in use. Everyone’s living environment and wearing conditions are different. If used in ‘dangerous conditions’, current watches are very easy to hang. It is often heard that a certain high-end brand watch is not allowed to travel at any time, the direction difference is more than ten seconds, and the serious is that the refining is not smooth or even stopped, as well as the escapement system such as failure of the horse and the fall of the hairspring. Recently, a high-end brand has set a price of at least 20,000 US dollars. Its speed adjustment is only the design of the speed needle. It is said that the self-made movement is at this level? At least it should be thread trimming to be worthy of consumers.
The new models are also in a state of design. For example, the hand needs to turn the crown by fingers to make the movement, but the dragon heart is as thin as a thread needle. The design of the bearing is also often in a condition. When the problem occurs, the maintenance cost is astonishingly high. This logic is really unreasonable. The author’s collection includes new and old watches, as well as many antique watches. There are many new watches, large performance changes, low-key old watches with connotations, antique watches with classic appearance, and a sincere and high-quality ‘core’. It is worth playing and owning the watch. Although there are not many people playing old things, the number is also decreasing. If you want to have a movement, you must be fast. The most recommended one is 1570.
‘Red Wheel’ A synonym for Rolex
The Rolex 15 series of movements came out in the late 1950s. There are at least ten models in the entire series. The movements are numbered from 1520 to 1580, the vibration frequency is 18000 and 19800. There are two types of balance wheels, most of which have observatory certification. In particular, all use the ‘Red Wheel’, the most recognizable Rolex movement, which has become almost synonymous with Rolex. ‘Red Wheel Tsai’ is an important component of the automatic refining system. It has two arc-shaped anti-reverse devices to prevent the saw-shaped gear from advancing or stopping. It cannot drive the red clutch wheel. Furthermore, it achieves the action of two-way refining, which not only has low noise during operation, but also has good refining efficiency. The design of the red wheel is unique to Rolex. It has the characteristics of anti-wear and low noise. As long as it is equipped with a ‘red wheel’ Rolex watch, it is very valuable. Among so many models, 1570 is the most classic and high quality.

The vibration frequency of 1570 is 19800. Generally, the quality of the movement must be distinguished. The escapement mechanism is one of the keys. The 1570 uses a screw balance wheel. The four screws on the inside of the balance wheel can be used to fine-tune the speed. The Rolex Microstella system works very well. Well, the precision can reach one second, and the grade is very high. Especially with the double-layer hairspring (1570 mostly made of blue steel) that Rolex has always used, it shows the traditional watchmaking technology. So far, Rolex has fully replaced the double-layer hairspring, which is unique among all brands and is very remarkable.
How good is 1570? Master Yu of Taipei’s best watches is highly respected. Xiaoyu is famous in Taiwan’s watch industry. He has repaired countless old antiques and touched most new watches. He is critical of the movement. Xiaoyu is He is famous for recording many detailed parts drawings of disassembled movements in his camera. There are high-quality designs and bad structures. As long as the clocks are good, Xiaoyu will share them with you. Don’t be fooled by his small shop, but sparrows are small and have all the internal organs. What watches have not been seen? Haven’t they repaired them? PP, Rolex, Omega and other brands are the best for him. What kind of lathes? Homemade parts? Xiao Yuzheng is right
1570 = Durable and accurate
The reason why Xiaoyu evaluates the 1570 so high is that he has accumulated decades of maintenance experience. The Rolex watch has the lowest failure rate among all brands. Among them, 1570 is the best in Xiaoyu’s eyes. A good movement is necessary in addition to the accuracy of the time. Conditions, sturdy and durable is the king. Rolex launched the 1570 that was mainly used in ‘daily watches’. Its conditions are durable, accurate, and easy to maintain. These 1570 elements are all available. The most proud of it is that the automatic core is very sturdy. The automatic refining mechanism of the 1570 is not a ball bearing currently commonly used. It carries the automatic disk with the automatic core. As long as it is used normally, there is not much problem because the design is a two-way refining Therefore, the performance of the smelting is good, and the fixing screws of the screed are also extremely strong and sturdy. Everything is designed for durability.

Rolex 1803 with 15 series movement
There is also a watch worthy of collection equipped with the Rolex 15 family movement. It is a 1803 with calendar and week display performance. The level of 1803 is higher than that of 1601. It is only made of precious metal. The ‘open skylight’ model belongs to the higher level in the Rolex series. So far, many improved models have been developed. Among them, 1803 is most worthy of collection because it is used The best 15 series movements of Rolex. In addition, the 1560 movement in the 15 series has a hairspring anti-stretch bar above the balance wheel of the escapement mechanism. This design is to prevent the hairspring from jumping off when it is impacted. It may be stuck on the hairspring head and affect the movement of the movement. This design It can also be seen in the early chronograph movement 722, this structure is extremely rare for other brands.
The first-generation classic 1570 is hailed as one of the highest-quality movements of the twentieth century. It is designed and manufactured in full accordance with the essence of traditional watchmaking. Double-layer hairspring, Microstella fine-tuning mechanism, ‘red wheel’, and durable performance After nearly 50 years of hardening, its average failure rate is relatively low, and it is almost an invincible player in the world. If you want to find an opponent of 1570, only PP 460 can compete. I believe that for another 50 years, 1570 Still durable and precise, the flavor is still there. Now you can find a 1601 equipped with a 1570 movement at the second watch store or website, because it is the best watch in the world for a thousand dollars, and it is worth owning and collecting.